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Find the Magic of SUSTAINABLE Weight Loss without the Diet
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Are you ready to break free from the dieting cycle?

Hi, I’m Jenny, The Food Freedom Fairy®

I empower women to break free from the dieting cycle, heal their relationship with food, achieve sustainable weight loss and embrace a healthier lifestyle.

Through deep mindset work and energy healing, my clients reconnect with food and, most importantly, reconnect with themselves.

If you have spent years trying to lose weight, you may have realised that this is about far more than knowing what to eat.

If you use food for reasons besides physical hunger, whether to comfort, celebrate, or commiserate. Because it is time to eat, because you are alone, or just because you can, then you are in the right place.


My 1:1 coaching is for women who are done with dieting and looking for a long-term solution.


The Becoming You Academy® combines group coaching with my online resources so you can work at your own pace.


If you are time-poor or don’t wish to commit to a coaching package, a VIP Day may be more your style!

First, I want you to know this is not your fault

This didn’t happen overnight; these habits have gradually become ingrained. For whatever reason, food has become your go-to, your way to cope with life. This doesn’t make you “bad” or “naughty”. It makes you human. (We are programmed to eat, after all!)

As your attachment to food has grown, so has the food manufacturing industry! We are constantly presented with delicious foods that are too hard to resist; before you realise it, food controls your life.

Then when you feel desperate to make changes, the only solution is a diet.

Whichever one you choose, they all have the same principles, restrict your calories and lose weight. None offer the deep mindset support someone like you or me would need.

If you have a disordered relationship with food, no amount of restrictive eating will make you want the food less or like yourself more.

The fundamental changes happen when you make friends with the voice inside your head. When you work on your mindset around food and let go of years of unhelpful diet messages. Then making small changes to support your weight loss becomes easy.

Deep Mindset Work

Explore and understand your eating

Energy Healing

Release beliefs and trapped emotions so that you can heal your relationship with food and yourself

Nutrition Guidance

Learn how to nourish your body and balance your energy, eating foods you love

Self- Love

Reconnect and repair your relationship with you


To keep you focused as you upgrade to your 2.0 version


My support throughout your weight loss journey and beyond

About Me

After working in the dieting industry for 17 years, I left as I couldn’t watch my clients repeating the same cycle.

I don’t want anyone to suffer with their weight or battle with food when there are simple strategies and techniques that are far easier and less painful than dieting.

I truly believe with the right support and guidance; anyone can find food freedom.

A photo of Jenny McDonald, Food Freedom Fairy drinking a cup of tea