21 Days of food freedom


Are you sick of the never-ending battle with food and weight?

Maybe you have spent your whole life dieting

Maybe you eat in secret because you feel ashamed or guilty

Maybe your food choices are driven by your emotions

You have a fair idea of how to nourish your body but never follow through on your plans

You tell yourself you have no willpower and lack self-control.

Imagine how you would feel if:

*You could reach your optimum weight without dieting

*You had more energy and felt in tune with your body

*You could manage life’s challenges without reaching for food

*You knew that you had a process which meant you couldn’t fail!

Right now, I am guessing that you:

– Feel like food controls your life
– Beat yourself up after eating certain foods
– Constantly worry about your weight
– Talk about food as “good” and “bad”
– Use negative self-talk
– Eat your emotions
– And maybe even eat in secret

I would love to teach you how to:

– Lose weight without your restricting food
– Make friends with the voice in your head
– Say yes to cake without feeling “naughty”
– Let go of emotional and secret eating
– Manage your thoughts and feeling
– Stop the scales obsession
– Feel lighter in mind and body


“Forgiving myself and not letting one moment affect the rest of the week is huge for me.

I haven’t had the guilt I have had before with conventional diets, and I have finally started to unpick the “good” and “bad” thoughts around food.”



“The whole programme has done nothing but improve my quality of life on a mental and emotional level.

I am very grateful that I found Jenny.”



“I was quite sceptical at the beginning. I wasn’t sure how it would work without being given a diet to follow.

But now I no longer feel guilty about eating, and I have lost a stone in 10 weeks!”


In 21 Days You Will Learn:

*How to reconnect with yourself and food

*How to release weight without dieting

*How to eat to balance your energy and nourish your body

*How to combat emotional eating

*How to release beliefs that are keeping you in the lose / gain cycle

*How to relax and enjoy weight loss

Join me for my intense training

(no sweating or exercise involved!)

You will receive: 

*4 group Zoom calls 

*Live training

*Downloadable handouts

*A supportive private Facebook community



*A recorded alignment process to supercharge your weight loss goals

*My food freedom affirmation meditation

(Both to keep on your phone forever!)

How it all works:

All training will be delivered live via Zoom. It will also be recorded and shared within the Facebook group so you can catch the replays if you miss a session.

Call 1 – Reconnecting with Yourself and Food

Call 2 – Stop the Cravings and Balance Your Energy

Call 3 – Managing Emotional Eating

Call 4 – Aligning to Releasing Weight with Ease and Speed!

I will be present in the Facebook group throughout the 21 days to offer support, guidance and motivation. You will have access to my knowledge, my energy and my 18 years of experience in weight loss. The group will stay open to ensure everyone has time to catch up with replays.

So if you want to be part of this life-changing 21-Day Programme then grab your place now.

Access to all of this is just £99! (I know I can’t believe that I am offering this deal! Grab it before I change my mind!)

The June intake has passed but you can join the waiting list and be the first to know about the next intake!



My 1:1 coaching is for women who are done with dieting and looking for a long-term solution.


The Becoming You Academy® combines group coaching with my online resources so you can work at your own pace.


If you are time-poor or don’t wish to commit to a coaching package, a VIP Day may be more your style!