A monthly membership programme to support you as you

continue to develop your relationship with food.

Food Freedom Forever is open to those who have completed the Food Freedom Foundations Group programme or Private Coaching.

The membership is for those who feel ready to move forward without weekly support but would still like the accountability of a monthly call.

We all know this journey is about far more than the number on the scales.

I started losing weight in 2004 and I am still fine-tuning my eating habits.

Some years have been easier than others, and I have learnt to adapt as I move through the seasons of life.

You have broken free from your “old self”. But you know how easy it is to slip back into her shoes. After all, she is like the comfortable pair of slippers you never throw away.

Membership Details

£25.00 per month

What is included?

A monthly call held on the first Thursday of the month at 8pm

Access to Jenny via Whatsapp throughout the month


My 1:1 coaching is for women who are done with dieting and looking for a long-term solution.


An  8-week Food Freedom Foundations Programme for small groups of women ready to heal their relationship with food.


If you are time-poor or don’t wish to commit to a coaching package, a VIP Day may be more your style!

I spent 17 years working in the dieting industry

I feel so grateful to be able to support and guide women to food freedom.

My relationship with food is still evolving.

I still overindulge and emotionally eat sometimes.

However, there is no guilt or shame attached. I am finally a master of my thoughts and emotions.

I am at peace with food
and I am at peace with who I am.

Ooh and I am also a partner to James and mummy to a beautiful little princess!

Nancy is my biggest supporter.

The name “The Food Freedom Fairy®” was her idea!

Every day I hope to teach her to love herself and to have a healthy relationship with food!

At 44, I am still repairing my relationship with food and myself