Releasing stress energies

Did you know your body’s digestive system does not

function the same if you are in a state of stress?

Are you often in state of stress?Maybe you rush through life, you are always busy.

Do you often reach for food when you are feeling this uncomfortable emotion?

Are you unsure how to break free from the cycle of stress eating?

Then join me for this 2 hour workshop to release stress from the layers of your aura and your chakras. 


An energy healing workshop to release stress energies

from your system and allow you to align to health and vitality.

This workshop will take you through a cleanse of your system, releasing stress energies that are held within the layers of your aura and chakras.  After energising your chakras you will leave feeling revitalised and aligned to health and vitality.

You will also receive a workbook, practical tips and a daily alignment practice for supercharging your health!

We detox our bodies from sugar and processed foods

but how often do you detox your energy field?

Workshop Details

Thursday 31st August at 6:30pm BST

Investment: £33

The session will be delivered via Zoom

Your workbook and Zoom Link will be emailed 24 hours before the call.


My 1:1 coaching is for women who are done with dieting and looking for a long-term solution.


The Becoming You Academy® combines group coaching with my online resources so you can work at your own pace.


If you are time-poor or don’t wish to commit to a coaching package, a VIP Day may be more your style!

I feel so grateful to be able to support and guide women to food freedom.

My relationship with food is still evolving.

I still overindulge and emotionally eat sometimes.

However, there is no guilt or shame attached. I am finally a master of my thoughts and emotions.

I am at peace with food
and I am at peace with who I am.

Ooh and I am also a partner to James and mummy to a beautiful little princess!

Nancy is my biggest supporter.

The name “The Food Freedom Fairy®” was her idea!

Every day I hope to teach her to love herself and to have a healthy relationship with food!

At 44, I am still repairing my relationship with food and myself