Firstly let me set the scene…

Over the past six months, I have been networking! I am attending some incredible groups across my local area to spread the word about The Food Freedom Fairy and her tools to help women lose weight and find peace with food and themselves. 🧚🏼‍♂️

I also felt I needed to get out! As much as I love social media and podcasting, it was becoming very lonely in my home office. There is nothing like talking to real people and feeling the energy in the room!

Networking has always felt a bit icky to me, but I decided, as a small business,  I needed to embrace the process. 🤗

I can now honestly say I have the networking bug! I get excited at the thought of who I am going to meet!

However what I have noticed more and more is how women put themselves down! 😥

This week I witnessed a lady saying to the room, “Well I am past help with weight loss and food freedom”. 

Last week something similar happened, “Oh gosh I have tried all the diets there is no helping me!”

Now I understand why we do this – because I used to do this too! 

I would make sure I acknowledged the fact that I was struggling with my relationship with food before anyone else did. It was almost like I was apologising for the size of my body because I was embarrassed and ashamed of it. 

So if you know that you are guilty of this I invite you to stop doing it right now! 

Here are some thoughts to help you do this:

💫Show yourself some respect, you have a body, and your body can do amazing things!

💫YOU NEED YOUR BODY TO LIVE! Talking about yourself negatively is not going to help your body thrive!

💫 You are not past hope! That is just something you tell yourself to keep yourself safe. In your subconscious mind, it means that it is saving you from trying again! It saves you from investing time and effort into making the change and then failing as you have done so many times before. You may not have had success with diets but they failed you! They did not offer the tools you needed to heal your relationship with food.

💫 The most important thing – more important than your weight loss and body size is being able to be at peace with YOU! So please start working on that right now. Life is too short to be uncomfortable with who you are. Too short to hate the body you are living in and definitely too short to be putting yourself down in front of people you have never met before!

I would love to hear if this has resonated with you and what steps you are going to take to talk about yourself in a kinder way. 💓