The 4 Steps of Energy Kinesiology

Energy Kinesiology can be used to release trapped emotions, beliefs and trauma, enabling you to be free to live your life to your highest potential.

This is just one of the many techniques I use with my clients.

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I spent 17 years working in the dieting industry

I feel so grateful to be able to support and guide women to food freedom.

My relationship with food is still evolving.

I still overindulge and emotionally eat sometimes.

However, there is no guilt or shame attached. I am finally a master of my thoughts and emotions.

I am at peace with food
and I am at peace with who I am.

Ooh and I am also a partner to James and mummy to a beautiful little princess!

Nancy is my biggest supporter.

The name “The Food Freedom Fairy®” was her idea!

Every day I hope to teach her to love herself and to have a healthy relationship with food!

At 44, I am still repairing my relationship with food and myself