Your goal is to release weight, you want fast fat loss right? But you feel stuck. No matter how determined you are on a Monday morning your motivation disappears quickly. Sometimes by midweek, sometimes by your morning coffee break!

So what is really going on for you?

Well, there are likely to be various factors here. 

You are not eating enough, you are eating foods that don’t nourish your body, both of which will lead to you feeling constantly hungry. And / or your mind is driving your eating.

Often my clients have all three going on! But I am going to assume for this article that you have nailed your food choices and you are eating enough.

Today, let’s talk about your mindset and your belief system.

So, you might have heard these pesky little things referred to as “limiting beliefs.” They’re the sneaky thoughts that whisper sweet (or not-so-sweet) things in our ears about ourselves and food. 

Let me give you some examples of ones you may be familiar with…

“I will always need to control what I eat” 

“I’m destined to fail” 

“I just love food too much, I’m just greedy” 

“I must clear my plate” 

“I can’t leave something once it’s open”

Now if these are the things you are telling yourself, imagine how hard it is to then have a healthy relationship with food.

The thing is we all have stories we tell ourselves and sometimes these stories keep us stuck where we are. Ever heard your “I am not good enough” story? Mine used to play in my head on repeat, it still pops in quite often but now I thank it and move it along, replacing it with something more helpful like, “Thanks old outdated belief but today I chose, I am good enough, I always do my best and that makes me more than good enough”

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the subconscious beliefs. 

These are the ones we wouldn’t really think about but when we start uncovering what is really going on they are there trying to keep you safe.

Let’s take, “My weight keeps me safe”, maybe you put off doing things because of the way you feel about your body. You may subconsciously tell yourself that when you are smaller you will, start your own business, put yourself out there on Facebook, leave your partner, get married, start a family, stand up for yourself…

Ever wondered what the secondary gain is of staying in a bigger body or eating food that doesn’t serve you? 

Where do I start? From emotional protection to avoiding responsibility, attention and sympathy, social identity, avoidance of change, control, coping mechanisms, and even identity itself – phew, that’s a mouthful! 

You see, with all of this going around in your subconscious, even with the best will in the world you are likely to sabotage your efforts.

So, how do we move forward from here? 

Well, it all starts with awareness. 

📝 Take a moment to jot down anything that’s resonated with you. What are your beliefs around food, and what’s your secondary gain? 

📝 Then, it’s time to list the truth. For every belief that’s been holding you back, shine a light on the real deal. Reframe your thoughts and beliefs to a thought that is more helpful. What do you want to believe going forward? 

The only thing more powerful than the beliefs we hold are the beliefs we choose to create. Let’s rewrite those food rules and serve up a big ol’ plate of food freedom! 🍽️✨

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