Our journey with food isn’t really about food.

It is often led by how we feel about ourselves and our bodies.

The reason we strive for weight loss is because we want to have a smaller body. This may be connected to health reasons, mobility reasons or because you want to feel better in clothes or feel better out of clothes! Unfortunately, most of us have grown up with the message that a smaller body is a better body. Whether it was comments from others or the media it shaped our beliefs. (This messaging is for another conversation!) 

For me, this meant that I believed my body was ugly, and should not be shown on a beach, around a pool or even in my own home.

This meant I avoided holidays for years. The thought of having to walk from my sun lounger to the pool with everyone peering over their books to get a look at me was all too much.(I know much of this is in my head but I also know it does happen and you will be able to relate to this)

Well this summer, wherever you are in your food/weight journey I invite you to take a moment and reflect on how amazing your body is!

Your body has survived a pandemic! 

Your body is your carrier for you to experience life!

Your body has likely survived illness, maybe surgery!

Maybe your body has carried a baby or several babies!

Your body takes you to amazing places!

I am pretty sure when we get close to the end of this life and we reflect on our time here we will be grateful for our health, grateful for how able our body once was. And I am pretty sure we will wish we had spent less time worrying about wearing the shorts or eating the cake!

Don’t get me wrong I am still working my way through my own hang-ups! But practising gratitude for my body and health really helps. Along with valuing myself enough to keep working on my relationship with food and with myself.

I would love to hear how you are valuing yourself and respecting your body today.